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What are the effects of CBD (cannabidiol)?

What are the effects of CBD (cannabidiol)?

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Cannabidiol , more commonly known as CBD , has become a hot topic in the health and wellness world. This compound of cannabis is famous for its many benefits, but what are the real effects of cannabidiol on the body?

What is cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is one of the many active compounds found in cannabis. Unlike THC, another well-known cannabinoid, CBD does not have a psychoactive effect. Instead, it has relaxing and pain-relieving effects that are widely recognized 1 .

For more information, we invite you to read our article entitled: " What is cannabidiol (cbd)? ".

The effects of cannabidiol on the body

Research on the effects of cannabidiol is still ongoing, but several studies have already revealed its therapeutic potential. It has been shown to help relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and even alleviate some symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases 2 .

Stress and sleep management

One of the most common uses of CBD is for stress and anxiety management. Numerous studies have shown that CBD has a calming effect, which helps reduce stress and anxiety 3 . In addition, CBD also works to improve the quality of sleep, which also contributes to better stress management 4 .

Pain relief

CBD has also been studied for its potential as an analgesic agent. It has been found to help relieve chronic pain, especially in combination with other cannabinoids 5 . The famous entourage effect that we discuss in this article .

The synergies of Symbiose Nature et Sens

At Symbiose Nature et Sens , we have seized the opportunities offered by the active properties of cannabidiol by developing a range of synergies based on CBD. These products are designed to improve your well-being by fully exploiting its incredible virtues.

Synergies for stress management and sleep

Our "Sleep and Stress" synergy combines CBD with other natural ingredients to help manage stress and promote quality sleep. We use specific concentrations of full spectrum (30%) CBD to maximize its calming effect, while adding other ingredients to help promote relaxation and sleep.

Synergies for pain relief

Our "Pain Relief" synergy benefits from the analgesic properties of cannabidiol. By combining CBD with other natural ingredients known for their effects on pain, we have created a product that helps to provide lasting relief from ailments and thus improve your quality of life.

Synergies for Sport and Energy

Our "Sport and Energy" synergy is designed for athletes and active people looking to improve their physical performance and accelerate their recovery. This synergy combines CBD with other natural ingredients chosen for their boosting effects on energy and recovery.


The effects of cannabidiol are vast and promising, and at Symbiose Nature et Sens , we are committed to using the best oils to help you improve your well-being. Our synergies are specifically designed to get the most out of the effects of CBD, and we look forward to helping you discover its benefits.


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