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Synergy of Sport and Energy from Symbiose Nature et Sens

Synergy of Sport and Energy from Symbiose Nature et Sens

What is what is Synergy Sport ?

The world of sport is experiencing a crucial shift towards a holistic approach, where the general well-being of the athlete is placed at the center of concerns.

In this perspective, the sport synergy , a concept at the intersection of performance and health, is asserting itself as a major trend.

Our product, the Sport and Energy synergy , finds its place in this innovative philosophy.

Understanding Sport Synergy

According to the definition of INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance) 1 , sport synergy is based on optimal interaction between different key elements: physical training, recovery, nutrition and psychological state.

It emphasizes the balance between these factors for optimal and long-lasting performance.

At Symbiose Nature et Sens, we have developed the Sport and Energy synergy .

This natural solution was created to support athletic performance and recovery .

Our unique formulation is based on principles of synergy between cannabidiol (CBD) and essential oils , optimizing the interaction between these natural ingredients to maximize their potential 2 .

This natural synergy is designed to meet the specific needs of each athlete. It provides support for energy and performance, while promoting optimal recovery after exercise.

The science behind Synergy Sport

Extensive research supports the idea that the synergistic approach in sport can improve performance and recovery.

A study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences 3 demonstrated that the synergistic approach to recovery, integrating nutrition, sleep and stress management, led to a significant improvement in performance.

More specifically, research from Paris Descartes University, UFR ST STAPS 4 has found that optimizing these factors contributes significantly to improving sports performance, while decreasing the risk of injury and improving longevity. in the sport.

Nutrition and Sport Synergy

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in sports performance and recovery.

A balanced and appropriate diet provides the energy needed to sustain physical exertion and promotes effective post-workout recovery 5 .

Sleep and Sport Synergy

Sleep is another crucial factor.

Quality sleep improves cognitive abilities, supports immunity and promotes muscle regeneration, essential for sports performance and recovery 6 .

Stress management and Sport Synergy

Finally, effective stress management is essential.

A positive approach to stress can increase resilience, improve focus and endurance, leading to better performance 7 .


The future of sport lies in a more global and holistic approach. Integrating Sport Synergy into an athlete's routine can help achieve optimal performance and effective recovery.

Our Sport and Energy synergy is a natural solution designed to promote this objective. By supporting the individual needs of each athlete, we aim to build resilience, improve performance, and promote faster recovery.

We are proud to contribute to the evolution of sport , supporting a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to sports performance.

We are convinced that sport synergy is a key to achieving this objective.


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