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What does it mean to be in Symbiosis?

What does it mean to be in Symbiosis?

How to Live in Harmony with Nature and Promote Ecology

In a world plagued by rampant urbanization and digital expansion, the need to realign with nature has never been more pressing. While traveling in Sweden, a chance meeting with a Stockholm resident opened my eyes to a universal truth: symbiosis is not an option, it is a necessity. Every weekend, this individual heads to the north of the country to immerse himself in a forest cabin devoid of any technology. Certainly, you will tell me, the Nordic countries are extremely advanced in terms of ecology. For my part, they are not ahead but behind in integrating the precepts of overconsumption and mass industrialization. Seeking to reestablish an ancestral link with nature should therefore not be seen as revolutionary and modern thinking but as a valuable archaism.

This quest for ecological harmony is the starting point of our exploration.

Symbiosis Defined: Beyond Biology

The term "symbiosis" is often confined to biology textbooks, describing a mutualistic relationship between two species. However, its scope is much broader. Symbiosis, in its essence, is a philosophy of life which advocates a balance between humans and their environment, a silent pact of mutual respect and dependence. Create a balance between giving and receiving. It is a philosophy that encourages respect for nature and recognition of our dependence on it.

Symbiosis in Action: From Ecosystems to Human Societies

The ballet of bees and flowers, the alliance between trees and mycorrhizal fungi, are eloquent examples of symbiosis in action. These ecological interactions are not simple curiosities of nature; they are models of behavior that we must integrate into our own existence.

It's all about awareness, openness and understanding.

At a time when environmentalism rhymes with extremism, it is urgent to change mentalities.

This extremism arises from the urgent need to refocus on the essential, to consume in full consciousness and therefore differently.

Towards Practical Symbiosis: A Guide for the 21st Century Citizen

Living in symbiosis with nature does not necessarily mean living in a forest or abandoning technology. Rather, it is about adopting habits that respect and enhance the natural environment.

  • Eat a sustainable diet : During my travels, I was struck by the positive impact of organic farming on the environment. A study by the World Watch Institute showed that organic farms produce on average 30% less greenhouse gases than conventional farms. So, choosing organic, local and seasonal foods has a real impact on our environment. Everyone is starting to know it, but how many put it into practice?
  • Take up gardening : My neighbor, an avid gardener and former market gardener, always told me: “Nothing brings you closer to nature than growing your own vegetables.” Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to reconnect with nature. It's delicate work, sometimes thankless but very rewarding. I personally love spending hours maintaining my garden and watching Nature become more beautiful from year to year.
  • Use natural products : Opt for personal care and cleaning products that are made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients. It is essential these days to reduce our ecological impact as much as possible. There is no need to become hermits again but simply to become aware of the repercussions of our actions on Nature.
  • Spend time outdoors : Just take a walk in nature, exercise outside, or just sit in a park. A hike in the Alps, where each breath of fresh air provides instant and life-saving well-being. All your senses are awakened to deeply recharge your body and mind.


Living in symbiosis with nature is a journey and not a destination.

It is a process of learning and adaptation.

We will not be able to stop the machine of consumerism, at least personally, I don't believe in it.

On the other hand, as consumers, we are the main players in the industry. Without consumers, no production. Once again this observation is obviously simplistic, present in the collective unconscious when it should animate us in full consciousness.

We have the power to force industry to produce differently and thus give Nature time to rebuild itself.

So, are you ready to start this journey and adopt a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach in your daily life? Share your thoughts and experiences in comments.

And remember: every little step counts! Reconnecting with Nature can be done in countless ways.

Please share this article with your friends and family to encourage a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Together we can make a difference.

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